Thursday, July 7, 2011

XE Currency

The XE Currency App for the iPhone an iPod Touch will give you exchange rates for every world currency while you are on the road traveling. You will never again be without up-to date exchange rate information at your fingertips. The XE Currency App gives you real time rates and charts, it's free and is considered one of the essential travel Apps.

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  1. Wow these are going to be perfect for our family vacation to Alaska next month. I’ve been looking for some stuff to help the kids kill time between flights. As for myself, my favorite time killing app as a DISH customer and employee is the TV Everywhere app by DISH…it’s great for killing time in the airport between flights and is awesome against the jetlag. Can’t wait. Thanks again for the info! Right now new DISH Network customers can get a free Sling Adapter. More info online at http://bit.ly/l6HCIy